Sticky Mike's Frog Bar, 7pm, £4 adv

    Saturday, August 2nd, 2014

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    Featuring Fresh Like Dexie, Fools Empire, Tuval & FROST. Brighton Rocks is all about showcasing the best bands in Brighton. If you'd like to submit your band to play please email info@loutpromotions.co.uk!


    Concorde 2, 7pm, £25 adv

    Monday, August 4th, 2014

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    Support from Hostile. Over 14's welcome.


    The Green Door Store, 7.30pm, £9 adv

    Wednesday, August 6th, 2014

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    Brooklyn based artist Kevin Devine has announced a new run of dates for 2014 following the success of the dual release of his two albums Bubblegum and Bulldozer via Big Scary Monsters last year. The tour starts with a show at Oxford’s Truck Festival, followed by 10 headline shows across the whole of the UK. Following one of the most successful Kickstarter campaigns ever, Kevin recorded and released two distinctly different, yet equally lauded albums. Bubblegum was recorded with the Goddamn Band and is power-pop/rock record full of massive, fuzzy hooks. The albums raw edge was brought to life by producer Jesse Lacey, of the band Brand New. Bulldozer is a more folk-pop led album, produced by long time collaborator and Elliott Smith/Guided By Voices producer Rob Schnapf and features guest vocals from Isobel Campbell. Over 18's only. Support from Tellison and Emanuel Ayvas.


    Sticky Mike's Frog Bar, 7pm, £4 adv

    Friday, August 8th, 2014

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    Featuring Dull Knife, Wash, Marinus and Blue Stragglers. Brighton Rocks is all about showcasing the best bands in Brighton. If you'd like to submit your band to play please email info@loutpromotions.co.uk!


    Sticky Mike's Frog Bar, 7.30pm, £13 adv

    Saturday, August 9th, 2014

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    Days of Abandon, the long-awaited third record from New York’s The Pains of Being Pure at Heart finds the band focusing on what’s always set them apart from their peers – songwriting. After two critically-acclaimed records (The New York Times, Pitchfork, The Guardian, Rolling Stone, Spin) that demonstrated the group’s ability to shift musical registers from bedroom pop daydreams to Alternative Nation anthems, the band is poised to share a new vision of gilded pop idealism. Gliding along on bright, sleek guitars and light, skipping percussion. Abandon is big-hearted and tonic. From the crystalline confessional of “Art Smock” to the prom-in-heaven ready “Beautiful You,” this rich and ever-striving sound serves as the perfect backdrop to showcase the renewed emotional depth and candor of Kip Berman’s lyricism. Produced by Andy Savours (My Bloody Valentine, Patrick Wolf, Cloud Boat) and mixed by Charlie Hugall (Swim Deep, Florence And the Machine). Abandon is a bright and refreshing about-face from the roar and clamor that defined the group’s last record, the Flood-and-Alan Moulder helmed Belong. “I didn’t want to make Belonger,” Berman says. “This album was a chance to push beyond that album’s universal style of songwriting to something that was far more personal, more in keeping with my original ideals. I wanted the music to be joyful and full of light, even if the subjects were often dark. Where their debut stuck to a monochrome playbook of indiepop classics and their follow up was a wide-eyed paean to the 90s titans of American rock, Abandon is the Pains at their most sonically and emotionally complete. “Eurydice” hurtles forward like something out of the early House of Love catalog, guitar arpeggios glinting like dew on morning grass. The song sounds as triumphant as it is tragic, detailing an unresolvable loss. “Massokissed” strolls with the ease and assurance of vintage Aztec Camera, though its twisted desire and mordant wit (“a constant aversion to forgo perversion / beat up covertly in places they can’t see”) tempers any sense thatthis love is not wrong. “Kelly” is one dizzy pirouette, matching both the grace and sugary melodies of prime Saint Etienne with hopes for a love that likes “filthy films and swill” and rejects “quotes as jokes and coke.” Like “Life After Life,” it’s sung by Jen Goma from A Sunny Day in Glasgow, and her bright, lively voice proves the perfect conduit for Berman’s pop savvy. The record’s title — a nod toward Elena Ferrante’s celebrated 2002 novel – hints at both the freedom and the fear that comes with solitude. While The Pains of Being Pure at Heart has always been centered on Berman’s songwriting, the amicable departure of three bandmates since the release of Belong allowed for new opportunities for growth and collaborations. The soaring vocals of Jen Goma are featured prominently throughout and help deliver on the pop promise the band has long aspired to. Likewise, multi-instrumentalist Kelly Pratt’s (Beirut, David Byrne) horn arrangements on “Kelly,” “Simple and Sure,” “Life After Life” and “The Asp at My Chest” bring a newfound sophistication. No longer content to simply be “loud” or “soft,” Abandon is a record that revels in nuance and grace, “I wanted the album to be powerful without being loud. Simply stepping on a fuzz pedal every 14 seconds felt like a crutch, though a pretty cool sounding crutch. I didn’t want to hide these songs behind walls of distortion or elaborate studio wizardry.” The result is a record that is as confident as it is cathartic. “Music always says the things we can’t say in conversation. So it feels hopeless to say why these songs feel more honest and vivid to me. But for the first time in a while, I feel the same sense of possibility I felt when I started the band.” Over 18's only.


    The Green Door Store, 7.30pm, £5 adv

    Monday, August 11th, 2014

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    The members of Current Swell no longer live together under a single roof — as they did years ago, when the group first came together as a unit — but the bond between the four friends is stronger than ever. Touring the world for the better part of five years, from Brazil to Australia, often has that effect. Current Swell’s years of experience on the road can be heard — and felt — in the nooks and crannies of Long Time Ago, the new full-length from this roots rock Canadian quartet. The record shifts between upbeat folk (the title track, Long Time Ago) and singalong-ready roots rock (the first single, Too Cold) with a fluidity and ease that could only come from continual touring. The band originally wanted to call its fourth record People Not Places, as if to signify its new lyrical direction. “We used to write about traveling, because that’s all we did for a while,” says singer-guitarist Scott Stanton. “But on this record, we wrote mostly about people in our lives.” Friends, acquaintances — even strangers — have been an integral aspect of Current Swell’s personal and professional development. Decidedly grass-roots, the band has developed a strong online following over the years, dating back to the independent release and promotion of its previous recordings, So I Say (2005), Trust Us Now (2007), and Protect Your Own (2009). Over 18's only. Support from Sunset Sons.


    Sticky Mike's Frog Bar, 7pm, £4 adv

    Saturday, August 16th, 2014

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    Featuring NIECE, MACHINE PEOPLE, HOUSE OF PARIS, YOUNG and OR SO SHE SAID. Brighton Rocks is all about showcasing the best bands in Brighton. If you'd like to submit your band to play please email info@loutpromotions.co.uk!


    The Haunt, 7pm, £8 adv

    Thursday, August 21st, 2014

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    Catfish And The Bottlemen are the hotly-tipped English kids hailing from Wales, who signed to Communion Records (Deap Valley, Michael Kiwanuka) in Spring of last year. Their deal followed a (characteristically) frenetic period which saw them play in excess of 150 gigs during 18 months to hone their live set, which invariably sees frontman Van McCann climbing the walls and playing guitar as though his life depended on it, whilst fans crowd surf and sing every word. An enviably super-charged start out of the blocks saw their debut single release for Communion, ‘Homesick’ emerge as Zane Lowe’s Next Hype pick on Radio 1, with Lowe’s support then developing to a Hottest Record in The World for summer’s follow up single ‘Rango’ (plus the #36 spot in Lowe’s Hottest Records of The Year), and an In New Music We Trust Playlist for their third release ‘Pacifier’ by the end of the year. 2013’s burgeoning sense of witnessing a new band fast on the rise resonated across Press, gathering pace in tandem with Catfish’s compulsive touring schedule and reputation for thrilling live performances. A sold out London headline show prompted the NME to cite Catfish as “like The Walkmen’s The Rat realised as a full band”, whilst a slot this year at the top of Club NME’s bill moved The Independent to note their ability to “look back to early 2000’s indie and embrace it- jolting it into a tight, passionate sound which is fast winning them fans”. Q Magazine assured readers that “anything but anonymity beckons” for Catfish, and elsewhere Press praise soon extended far beyond music titles, with Style tips for Catfish filtering in from the likes of Esquire and IDOL Magazine, with The Sun, Sunday Times Culture & Evening Standard laterally spearheading the support from national daily titles. Highly-contested slots on this January’s Radio 1 Future Festival bill (alongside the likes of Sampha, Royal Blood and Sam Smith) and the Reading/Leeds Festival BBC Introducing Stage (with Thumpers and JAWS) last summer have taken Catfish far from their unremarkable beginnings, though frontman Van McCann’s own story begins far removed from the small-town ennui which originally drove Catfish to leave their hometown of Llandudo, North Wales. As the only child of free-minded Liverpudlian parents, Van spent most of his early years travelling around Australia by car, in between fleeting visits back to the UK; “My parents are the people who would just pack up their things at the drop of a hat, plonk me in the back of the car and take me with them.” A test tube baby (his mother having been injured in a car crash when she was young) who struggles to easily recall his birthplace - “Where was I born? Cheshire? Cheshire.”- McCann’s itinerant background is aptly reflected in the widespread and fiercely loyal UK fanbase that Catfish and The Bottlemen have acquired through tireless touring. Over 14's welcome.


    The Hope, 8pm, £6 adv

    Thursday, August 21st, 2014

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    Vancouver Sleep Clinic as a name in itself conjures up imagery of long cold winters, of isolation and remoteness and the sometimes self-imposed reclusiveness in all of us as the days get shorter and we move into the bitter months ahead. The adopted moniker of 17 year-old Tim Bettinson perfectly hones in on this visuality and with new track ‘Collapse’ taken from his forthcoming debut EP, the influences of those dark corners inside ourselves interweave throughout his sound. As we draw closer into the winter here in the Western hemisphere, VSC feels like it was designed to be delivered just in time for the onslaught of the colder weather. Taking into consideration that Tim lives in Australia, he set about writing songs for VSC during his winter but what was in fact our Summer - timing can be everything. After months of assembling lyrics and instrumentation from various maths books, notes, whiteboards and bedroom walls, humbly working with scattered cheap microphones, an old laptop and an outdated keyboard - Vancouver Sleep Clinic’s debut EP was born, a combination of soaring falsetto vocals built upon progressive synthetic instrumentation to create an ambient base for a vessel of emotional connections to be made. Bearing messages of sorrow, humility and hope above all else - songs are written from the heart alone. Together, let’s create something beautiful. Over 18's only.


    Concorde 2, 3pm, £35 weekend ticket

    Saturday, August 23rd, 2014

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    The Wedding Present play 'Watusi'. With The Membranes, Cinerama and others. Over 14's welcome.


    Concorde 2, 3pm, £35 weekend ticket

    Sunday, August 24th, 2014

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    The Wedding Present play 'Mini'. With Art Brut, Emma Pollock, Cinerama and others. Over 14's welcome.


    The Old Market, 7.30pm, £17.50 adv

    Monday, August 25th, 2014

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    New album called Wig Out at Jagbags. Jagbags is a great word. A smeared aspersion, not profanity, but derived from one….watered down for the airwaves, or the assembly line. To Wig out—we’ve all been there. We ARE there, at least I Am. And the “I” on a record is speaking for/as/to you, so if you’re wigging out, go no further, dear reader… (and then there is Dag Nasty, which I won’t bother justifying, just a first flourish of the unstoppable need to name drop). Produced by the band and Remko Schouten, the Dutch soundman of Pavement fame, and owner of IJland studio in east Amsterdam. I don’t know where to start… again. This record is inspired by Cologne Germany, Mark Von Schlegel, Rosemarie Trockel, Von Spar and Jan Lankisch, Can and Gas. Imagine Weezer / Chili Peppers. Slc, Alps, UVA in the late 80’s, NYRB, Aroma, Charlottenburg, inactivity, Jamming, Indie guys trying to sound Memphis, Flipper, Pete Townsend , Pavement, the Joggers, The NBA, home life in the 2013’s… We (Remko) found a studio over in the Ardennes with a “farmhouse vibe.” It was isolated, rural Belgium…near Luxembourg, the cradle of morbid Tax relief. It went very well cuz the band is quite good…We were (are?) pretty psyched with the result. I’ve spent the last couple of years in Berlin. Berlin, while very hip and in some ways the “centre” of Europe, is still isolated. At least if you are an American Dad. Pretty amazing place as you probably already know, and so easy to disappear into. Perhaps any “big” city has this quality—but a new one (too me), where they speak German (mostly)….well, you can almost cease to exist. Which, is of course, a liberating fantasy. But after two years there, we were starting to exist. It was like an average birth, without pain. O worked the lyrics / chords out on a computer on someone else’s table in someone else’s apartment. And this is what you get: Projected imaginings of rock and roll from the freezing north, rendered by West Coast stalwarts and a Dutch Uncle. And we feel compelled to share it with you. Over 14's welcome. Support from Mazes.


    Concorde 2, 7pm, £20 adv

    Wednesday, August 27th, 2014

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    Airbourne is the walking, talking, living, breathing, screaming, spitting, fist-pumping embodiment of all that hard rock has encompassed since the movement began. Fun-loving, rip-roaring, hard-partying and filled with melodic danger and grinning optimism, Airbourne craft underdog-championing anthems with reckless abandon. Airbourne manage to call upon the spiritual substance of Thin Lizzy, the gritty pub-crawling vibe of Motörhead, the grandiose histrionic theatricality of Judas Priest, the unifying audience domination of Iron Maiden and the sharp bite of their fellow Australians in the legendary AC/DC. They’ve stitched together these disparate components into a head-banging Frankenstein monster of their own creation, energizing the entire hard rock scene with their enthusiasm and relentless drive. Black Dog Barking, the band’s triumphant new album, is a furious declaration of all that it means to feel truly alive in service to the great spirit of rock n’ roll music. Airbourne’s third record is nothing less than the sum total of all that Airbourne has aspired to since the band formed in Warrnambool, Victoria, Australia 10 years ago. Over 14's welcome.

  • DIAZ

    The Green Door Store, 7:30pm, £4 adv

    Friday, August 29th, 2014

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    "Formed in early 2014, DIAZ are a four piece band from the South of England. Describing their music as a soundscape of harmonies, reverb and drive, and taking influences from the likes of ‘Kings Of Leon’ and ‘Pixies’, DIAZ have found their feet and emerged with not only an arena ready sound, but a live set to match. After posting the video to their debut single "Souvenirs" online, the band were quickly snapped up by 90's giants "Toploader" as headline support for their show in Worthing. The band have since gone on to play two successful headline shows at Zee Bar, Chichester and Sticky Mike's Frog Bar in Brighton. DIAZ used the show at Sticky Mike's Frog Bar as the official release of "Souvenirs". A limited run of physical copies were available on the night and these completely sold out, resulting in a serge of demand when the track was later released for download on June 2nd. The band now look to take on The Half Moon Festival in Putney, before heading back down to Brighton for a hometown headline show at Green Door Store on August 29th." Support from Marble Buffalo, Fitsroy and Animal House. Over 18's only.


    The Green Door Store, 7:30pm, £10 adv

    Monday, September 1st, 2014

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    Jenn Wasner and Andy Stack of Wye Oak have spent most of their lives in Baltimore, Maryland. But after two years of constant touring with Civilian, their highly lauded 2011 album, they landed on opposite sides of the country with an unforeseeable future ahead. Despite this newfound uncertainty, the two bandmates embraced their physical distance, passing ideas back and forth, allowing new work to evolve in their respective solitudes. Shriek is Wye Oak’s fourth full-length and the culmination of their intent to express the emotional and intuitive self by acting out animalistic exclamations through cathartic release. It is their most personal and confident declaration yet. Newly inspired by playing bass, Jenn took up songwriting in a setting where the guitar did not dictate harmonic boundaries or require a call-and-response relationship with her voice, a hallmark of previous Wye Oak records. With her phrasing freed, now it is often Andy who interacts with Jenn’s vocals, playing syncopated and meditative keyboard parts, and the duo’s collaborative arrangements provide a backdrop in which both the arcs of melodies and the new rhythmic elements flourish. To engineer, mix, and co-produce, they brought in Nicolas Vernhes of the Rare Book Room in Greenpoint, Brooklyn, whose inventive and forward-thinking approaches to production complemented their new direction. The result is a record of indisputable humanity. Shriek is a complete narrative of disorientation, loss, renewal, and empowerment. Over 18's only.


    The Latest Music Bar, 7:30pm, £7 adv

    Wednesday, September 3rd, 2014

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    Robert Ellis is the kind of songwriter who only comes along once in a great while. With his first two albums, a promise was made. With his new record, The Lights from the Chemical Plant, that promise has been delivered and fully realized. The music, like the artist, refuses to accept the confines of a box, and burns white-hot from the inside out. But what seems even more striking about this record, this musician, even at a first glance, is that feeling of unyielding authenticity. All ages welcome.


    The Green Door Store, 7pm, £9 adv

    Friday, September 12th, 2014

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    Following its first radio play last night on Zane Lowe’s show, Rae Morris has announced that her second single from her hugely anticipated forthcoming debut album will be “Cold” feat. Fryars and is for release on 7 July. Rae said of the single and collaboration with Fryars - 'Ben (Fryars) and I originally got together to write something as a bit of fun for something like Record Store Day or a Deluxe, extra track. We were at Ben's home studio listening to Nancy Sinatra and Lee Hazlewood's classic duets. There's something so uncomplicated and refreshingly simple about the form of a duet and the way two musicians come together to tell a tale. Cold is a distant conversation between two feuding, fading lovers.' Having released two other tracks this year (‘Skin’ as a free download and ‘Do You Even Know?’) to a glowing response from press and fans alike, Rae’s debut album is definitely one of the most anticipated of the year. The album (produced by Ariel Rechtshaid) is set for release on 22 September. ‘Skin’, ‘Do You Even Know?’ and ‘Cold’ all showcase how truly stunning this record is set to be. Earlier this month, Rae played what can only be described as a sensational and mesmerising sold-out show at Wilton Music Hall, with the crowd hanging on her every move Rae seamlessly delivered one of her most breath-taking shows to date, proving that she is set to be one of this year’s biggest breakthrough acts. Over 18's only. In association with Kilimanjaro.


    Sticky Mike's Frog Bar, 7.30pm, £12 adv

    Saturday, September 13th, 2014

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    "I like to inspire confidence. I feel people are too self-aware and worried about their looks or their gut or whatever and I feel if I go onstage and go 'who gives a fuck?' it really inspires people and helps them throw those inhibitions out the door." 'Bye Bye 17' by Har Mar Superstar was written in New York City and recorded in Austin, TX. The ten songs, a departure from his previous work, are soulful glimpses into a world of hedonism and heartache, magically embedded in a 3rd generation VHS tape. Poised to break free from the claustrophobic confines of the underground club scene, and after many years of wild shows and after-hours adventures with strangers, Har Mar Superstar will soon be touring extensively to support his strongest record yet. Sean Tillmann named his flamboyant alter-ego after the Har Mar mall in suburban St. Paul, MN where he spent his youth watching movies and writing songs about passers-by in the food court. "Har Mar Superstar used to be a different person, it used to be my excuse to get away with the more fantastic things in life... it was easier to get onstage as this other guy and be outrageous and have it be glorified. I guess the confidence I got from being Har Mar Superstar translated into my real life so now we're one and the same." For this new LP, Tillmann was inspired by the excitement and the isolation of New York City, and crafted the songs for 'Bye Bye 17' there, occasionally collaborating with writers like Fab Moretti ('Prisoner'), Kelly Gately ('Rhythm Bruises'), and Ryan Olson ('We Don't Sleep'), before deciding to permanently relocate to the East Coast from Los Angeles. "Just walking around NY and seeing people constantly being together alone is, I think, a huge influence on the whole record. I was influenced by the city in general because I wrote most of the songs here before I even lived here. And I just didn't want to leave, that's why I moved. It's a very New York record." Tillmann co-produced the tracks with Jim Eno (Spoon) at his Austin studio with a full live band, before finishing work and remixing the album at Cult Records' New York studios. Focusing this time more on his voice, Tillmann says, "I was listening to a lot of Otis Redding and Sam Cooke at the time, and I've always been obsessed with those guys... 'Restless Leg', 'We Don't Sleep', 'Prisoner' and 'Rhythm Bruises' came out of people playing together. But the rest were just like me in a room, gettin' weird, by myself." Over 18's only.


    The Prince Albert, 8pm, £8 adv

    Sunday, September 14th, 2014

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    Just 21 but undeniably an old soul, Max Jury comes on like the missing link between Gram Parsons and George Harrison, shot through with the grace of James Blake. An impeccable song-crafter, he’s got one foot in the cornfields and the other in the nearest dive bar whilst his fingers skip across the keys of his Fender Rhodes. An Iowa native, he binds together timeless themes of the struggles of being young, drinking the bottle dry and love lost and found with a small town perspective, topped off an airy croon that’s bound to break as many hearts as it heals. Over 18's only.


    Komedia, 7.30pm, £8 adv

    Tuesday, September 16th, 2014

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    June 2nd saw the release of Coasts underground anthem ‘Oceans’. Now mixed by the legendary Alan Moulder (Arctic Monkeys/Foals), this single sees their first release in partnership with Christian Tattersfield's Good Soldier Songs (Biffy Clyro, 1975) through ADA distribution. On the back of a series of sold out UK and European shows, Coasts will later this month announce a September UK tour which will include Komedia, in Brighton, before commencing a month-long US tour in October. In association with Kilimanjaro.


    The Green Door Store, 7.30pm, £4 adv

    Tuesday, September 23rd, 2014

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    Glass City Vice are a Brighton based four piece alternative rock band who set out to write honest music to the mass public. Having toured the UK extensively playing over 200 shows and supporting credible artists such as Rival School they are now ready to release their new e.p in September. Produced by Max Hayes (Ocean Colour Scene, Paul Weller, Jamiroquai) the four piece have moulded their sound by taking influences from Kevin Devine, Death Cab For Cutie and Manchester Orchestra. This September they take to the road to release their debut EP playing venues in Birmingham, London and a long awaited hometown show at The Green Door Store, Brighton. Support from Clay Cats, Big Society and Sam Jordan. Over 18's only.


    Concorde 2, 7.30pm, £20 adv

    Wednesday, September 24th, 2014

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    "Purgatory/Paradise," Throwing Muses' first release in a decade, is both a book and an album. It is uniquely Throwing Muses and yet like nothing they've done before. A lush collection of new songs, essays, artwork and lyrics, it weaves images and music together to create a full-on sensory impression of the Muses' distinctive world. Live, it is an amalgam of musical moments, interspersed with material from years past. Over 14's welcome.


    The Green Door Store, 7.30pm, £8 adv

    Thursday, September 25th, 2014

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    ‘Mindwaves’, released 2nd June on Schniztel Records, is the new long player from The Moons. A rich sounding, 21st century, psychedelic space odyssey, it’s full of well-crafted songs and infectious rhythms, steeped in love and destruction, peace and paranoia. Classic pop melodies brim with tight harmonies and layered guitars resulting in a rich and varied collection of songs. Formed in Northampton 2008, The Moons is the ideas of singer/guitarist/songwriter, Andy Crofts. With two critically acclaimed albums to date, ‘Life On Earth’ (2010) and ‘Fables of History’ 2012 (produced by The Moons and Stay Kybert), The Moons are purveyors of the great British pop song. Over 18's only.


    Concorde 2, 7.30pm, £10 adv

    Tuesday, September 30th, 2014

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    Following the amazing surge of his Top 10 breakthrough hit Riptide, Vance Joy is very proud to announce a brand new UK headline tour, playing a string of dates across the country. A permanent fixture on the Radio 1 A List this year, along with regular plays on Radio 2, XFM & Absolute, Riptide has climbed to #10 in the UK chart this week. Having previously been Fearne Cotton’s ‘Song Of 2013’, it is now the breakthrough hit of 2014! Not just a hit in the UK, Riptide has also just been voted #1 Triple J’s Hottest 100 for 2013 in his native Australia, beating Lorde’s ‘Royals’ & Daft Punk’s ‘Get Lucky’ to the number 1 spot, proving this really is a worldwide smash. Over 14's welcome. Support from Ezra Vine.


    The Haunt, 7pm, £16 adv

    Tuesday, September 30th, 2014

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    UK Metal titans DRAGONFORCE are nearing completion of their sixth studio album entitled 'Maximum Overload'. Produced by Jens Bogren at Fascination Studios in Örebro and Varberg, Sweden, the new opus will be the band’s first ever album involving an outside producer, having historically opted to record themselves in association with Karl Groom. Maximum Overload will be the band’s debut album for new label Ear Music, part of the German Edel music group, who will release the album in the UK on August 18th. Over 14's welcome.


    The Haunt, 7pm, £13.50 adv

    Wednesday, October 1st, 2014

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    Earlier this year, Arizona’s The Maine took to the UK to support Deaf Havana on their headlining run. The Maine filled their off days with a couple of intimate headlining shows as well as festival appearances. Now, the band looks forward to their return on a full UK headline run; the first since the release of their 2013 full length album, Forever Halloween. The tour will mark the fourth leg of the 8123 Tour which kicked off last summer in North America. Since then, The Maine has taken it to both the Philippines and most recently Brazil with their headlining set. This time around, they’ll be bringing out fellow American 8123 artists Lydia and Nick Santino. The tour promises career highlights for both support acts - it will be Lydia’s first time in the UK as a band and Nick Santino’s in his solo career. The Maine’s return to the UK will follow their upcoming summer long stint on the Vans Warped Tour across North America. It will also come on the heels of their upcoming release - Forever Halloween Deluxe Edition, which is slated to drop worldwide on June 17th (in the UK, Europe, Japan, Australia & New Zealand via Rude Records). The album will include additional bonus tracks not seen on the original release. Fans in the UK will see the band play a fresh set made up of songs from their previous releases in the usual high energy performance people have come to expect of The Maine. As their reputation precedes, The Maine plans to continue as a band accessible to their fans and will be hanging out at the venue each night to meet and greet. This fan engagement plays a large role in bringing the band back to the UK so frequently, and it’s not something they ever overlook. Currently signed with Rude Records and working independently at home in the US, The Maine are enjoying the freedom that comes without a major label contract; specifically the freedom to tour when they want and release music at their preferred pace. Over 14's only.


    Komedia, 7.30pm, £18 adv

    Thursday, October 2nd, 2014

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    Black Submarine’s eponymous debut album unites five veteran agents of the spectacle at the height of their powers. As the name suggests, these musicians operate in subsurface currents, with songs that prowl a listener’s brain stem long after the needle is lifted and reality resumed. The project began in 2008, after Nick McCabe and Simon Jones asked Davide Rossi to provide string parts for The Verve’s Forth, midway through that band’s tumultuous reunion and the year of their totemic Glastonbury headline slot. Striking a common vein of pop sensibility and grander, soundtrack-influenced ambitions upon first meeting, the three continued to share inspiration as Rossi came out on tour with the band. The electric violinist, tutored by such luminaries as Stockhausen, Ivan Krivensky and Robert Fripp, came to prominence with his work for Alicia Keys, Lee Hazelwood and Goldfrapp, and had recently given Coldplay’s Viva la Vida and Mylo Xyloto some of their richest and most affecting moments. The trio enlisted ex-Portishead/Santa Cruz drummer and Bristol scene mainstay Michele ‘Mig’ Schillace, a longtime friend who they’d worked with in Field Theory. Over 14's welcome.


    The Hope, 8pm, £5 adv

    Saturday, October 4th, 2014

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    Rob Lynch, resident of London, released his debut 5 track EP in 2011 and immediately began creating ripples through the UK DIY scene. Amongst other accolades, the release was awarded ‘EP Of The Year’ by Punktastic.com and quickly sold out of its initial pressing (although the EP was recently repressed, repackaged and rereleased). Despite a lack of booking agent or management, Rob’s extensive DIY touring starting building him an audience, and resulted in slots at festivals such as Fest in Florida, Groezrock (Belgium) and Download in the UK. Between November 2012 and August 2013, Lynch took time out to record tracks in Philadelphia with Shane Henderson (Valencia) and Hoxton, East London with Sam Duckworth (Get Cape. Wear Cape. Fly), that would go on to make up his full-length album. The result was an unbelievably honest and intimate record, which would eventually be christened ‘All These Nights In Bars Will Somehow Save My Soul’, a 12-track journey tackling such themes as the death of his father, life on the road, and finding light in times of darkness. In September 2013, Lynch penned a license for the album with German-based label Grand Hotel van Cleef. Widespread touring of Germany followed, including an appearance at Hamburg’s legendary Reeperbahn Festival and a three week tour supporting top-selling artist Thees Uhlmann, putting him in front of over 20,000 people. In Feb / March, Rob undertook a full-band tour of Germany & Austria which included sell out shows and an appearance at the St Pauli FC souvenir store (!!), along with several large nights and regretful mornings. 2014 already looks like Rob Lynch’s busiest yet, with the album finally getting its worldwide release, UK touring in April as part of the Warped Tour Acoustic Basement, and his first ever USA Warped Tour across June, July & August. Over 18's only.


    The Green Door Store, 7.30pm, £5 adv

    Tuesday, October 7th, 2014

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    If Haim were the sibling outfit who dominated 2013, then expect new brother-sister act Southern to have the same effect in 2014. They’ve been described as “the most promising singer/songwriters in Ireland today” and soon their furious mash-up of blues, alternative rock, pop and hip hop will win them even wider acclaim. Southern are Belfast-born, Liverpool-based brother and sister band Thom and Lucy Southern. They follow the acclaim for the ‘Southern’ EP, with another instinctive collection of songs that veer from juggernaut-sized blues-kissed rock’n’roll to gorgeously opaque pop-noir. Over 18's only. Tickets on sale Friday 25th July.

  • OFF!

    The Haunt, 7pm, £12 adv

    Wednesday, October 8th, 2014

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    Over the past four years, OFF! have proven to be more than just a band. They also raise a series of challenging questions. After four decades of heavy use, does punk rock still have any life left in it? Do Keith Morris and his gang of grown-ass punk heroes still have the goods? They’ve answered their own questions with a resounding yes through a packed itinerary of shows and a handful of recordings that are among the rawest musical experiences of the new decade. Combining reckless improvisational energy with the combined skills of four deadly sharp musicians, OFF! have dug down through a decades’ worth of accumulated stylistic garbage, and rediscovered the stripped down core of noise, speed, and rock & roll that punk seemed to have lost forever. Their third full-length studio recording, Wasted Years, is the most direct and unprocessed embodiment of OFF!’s mission yet. Recorded in their practice space, live to 8-track 1/2" tape--with the barest minimum of rehearsal beforehand and enough mic bleed to make punching in over rough spots afterward an impossibility--the album captures the group (Morris, guitarist Dimitri Coats, bassist Steven McDonald, and drummer Mario Rubalcaba) in the spontaneous act of bringing its 16 songs to frenzied life. Listening to it is like jumping into the middle of one of the most chaotic and electrifying creative musical environments on Earth, where Cuban rhythms and Sabbath riffs collide with the energy of a California circle pit. Searingly loud, frantically paced, and best taken in a single 23-minute dose, Wasted Years is a sonic cinder block, a clenched fist raised in the face of rock & roll refinement. If you had any questions about the state of punk in 2014, this is your answer. Over 14's welcome. Support from Cerebral Ballzy.


    Audio, 7pm, £8 adv

    Wednesday, October 8th, 2014

    More information

    Perhaps the most commendable thing about 'Lacuna' is how as an album it twists and turns, showing off many different sides to a band who, lest we forget, are still in their infancy. One minute they're evoking Motown if re-imagined for the post-noughties generation ('You Could Be Different') before taking in krautrock ('Pay For Cool'), baggy ('Solemn Skies') and even veering deep into Todd Rundgren territory ('When You Rise'). It all makes for a thrilling listen, but Ben's unphased when it comes to trying to pin down what it is that makes the songs work so well together. "A lot of bands have a certain sound they're defined by," he says. "But in Childhood we do it all on a vibe. When I feel like I’m listening to us then I know we're onto something good." Make no mistake, on 'Lacuna' Childhood have come up with something very good indeed. And as they've been telling all and sundry since even before they got going - you really should check them out, they're pretty sweet... Over 16's welcome.


    Audio, 7pm, £9.50 adv

    Friday, October 10th, 2014

    More information

    New Yorkers Patent Pending return to the UK in October for their most extensive UK headline tour yet and the release of single; ‘Hey Mario’ on Monday 6th October. The band were here in April for a tour which included a slot at Hit The Deck Festival, Kerrang Magazine said;"Patent Pending simply detonate around this stage - you'd think it was their last ever gig. Hey Mario and a cover of Andrew WK's Party Hard get the place jumping, and a and prompt a 'crowd surfing contest' between band members" KKKK. In 2013 they made their debut UK appearance at the Download Festival and returned in October as special guests on the sold out Bowling For Soup farewell tour which culminated in an emotional night at London’s Hammersmith Apollo. Those visits straddled the release of latest album Brighter (September 2013, Second Family Records). Over 14's welcome.


    Komedia, 7.30pm, £9 adv

    Saturday, October 11th, 2014

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    Northampton-based singer-songwriter Billy Lockett’s star continues to rise at a dizzying rate. Having been championed by Radio 1 for his most recent song ‘Pathways’ – which was played across all the daytime shows including Greg James, for whom he re-recorded ‘Pathways’ as a show jingle – Billy’s debut UK headline tour in March then completely sold out! Not bad for an artist still to sign a deal… Billy has recently been out supporting Brit Award-nominated songstress Birdy in Europe. He spent three weeks on tour with her showcasing his stunning live set to audiences and winning fans across the continent, and on the back of that has recorded a batch of new tracks that will feature on his forthcoming third EP, which is being produced by Andy Green (Keane, The Feeling, Paolo Nutini). Scheduled for release in the summer, the new EP further develops Billy’s sound and demonstrates an artist growing with every release. A stunning collection of songs, that will be supported by 21 live headline dates in the autumn and festival appearances, it’s sure to catapult Billy Lockett even further into public consciousness as one of the brightest stars of 2014. Over 14's only.


    The Green Door Store, 7.30pm, £13.50 adv

    Thursday, October 16th, 2014

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    A clean slate. That's where Leeds band The Sunshine Underground found themselves after parting ways with their management and then their bass player, Daley. Any walls of expectation or stereotype built over the course of two albums had dissolved and the optimistic trio of Craig, Stu and Matt saw that the space for creativity was actually bigger than ever. "Musically, there were no limits, and it forced us to write songs in a different way" explains Craig (the band's lead singer), "We were excited by the idea of moving things around." It’s been eight years since their explosive 2006 debut Raise The Alarm - a dance-punk record described by The Guardian as “every bit as jerkily compulsive as The Rapture’s House of Jealous Lovers” - surfed the new rave wave into the UK’s wider consciousness. The cultural permeation spread even further when Sony released the album in Japan. Two sold out tours resulted in a cult following of which the quite bizarre stories include boxes of Yorkshire tea being regularly waved in the air at gigs. Four years of touring, writing and recording passed before the band released their 2010 sophomore Nobody Is Coming To Save You. Their trademark explosiveness was still evident, but this was a more rhythmic and patient affair, with tracks like ‘Here It Comes’ and ‘We’ve Always Been Your Friends’ showcasing a distinct artistry in the band’s songwriting. Another four years have passed since then, and now they return. And it’s like nothing you’ve ever heard from TSU. Over 18's only.


    The Old Market, 7.30pm, £13 adv

    Wednesday, October 22nd, 2014

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    In seven years together, Brooklyn’s The Antlers have created a quiet revolution in thought and sound with their harrowing and often haunted tales of love unmoored, human frailty and emotional evisceration. On Familiars, their fifth album, The Antlers — vocalist / guitarist Peter Silberman, multi-instrumentalist Darby Cicci, and drummer Michael Lerner — have resumed the journey they began with 2009’s Hospice and continued over the next two albums Burst Apart and Undersea, which found the trio picking their way through a labyrinth of fear, doubt, love and loss against a backdrop of layered textural songs that were as deeply atmospheric as they were anthemic. More hopeful in mood than its predecessors, the new album emanates a palpable release of despair and an almost operatic verve on nine songs that took shape over the past year and a half. Familiars moves the Antlers’ emotional and spiritual odyssey further, alongside a palette of sounds that soar and retreat under a canopy of electronic trappings and the steady arrhythmic heartbeat of Lerner’s unnerving drumming. A choir of funereal horns function as a second voice across the songs. Over 14's welcome. In association with Festival Republic.


    Sticky Mike's Frog Bar, 7pm, £17.50 adv

    Saturday, October 25th, 2014

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    The Pop Group, the most wildly innovative and barrier-shattering band to emerge from the late 70s post-punk era, have announced their first ever UK tour in October to coincide with the first run of re-issues on the new Freaks Are Us label. Since their reunion in 2010 the band have played a handful of key festivals around the world including a rapturously received show in Glasgow earlier this year. The Guardian exclaimed in their 5 star review that “the years have divested this band's music of none of its urgent potency” while The Times stated “Cited as a key influence by Nick Cave and Primal Scream these wilfully discordant Bristolians unleash an exhilarating mash up of polemical lyrics, funk rhythms, free jazz and dub reggae with a tightness and ferocity that would challenge bands half their age” in their 4 star review. Spearheading the first wave of reissues the band will release two albums, their 1980 post-punk classic 'We Are Time' remastered from original tapes and 'Cabinet of Curiosities’, a nine-track compilation of rarities and previously unreleased and unheard material. Both albums are set for release on 20th October. The Pop Group will be performing ‘We Are Time’ in its entirety plus more. Over 18's only. Tickets on sale Friday 25th July.


    Concorde 2, 7pm, £11 adv

    Friday, October 31st, 2014

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    Over 14's welcome.


    Audio, 7pm, £12 adv

    Thursday, November 6th, 2014

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    Nashville, TN based four piece Framing Hanley release their album The Sum Of Who We Are in the UK today. The band can now also announce they will be back for a headline tour of the UK this October. As Nixon (vocals) says: ‘The reception for our band in the UK is second to none...and I think for rock n roll in general. Anytime we leave there to go back home, we are already talking about the next chance to go back. With last fall's tour being cut short because of an illness in The Blackout, this trip back to the UK is long overdue. We've been in the studio for 2 1/2 years working on The Sum of Who We Are and the reward for us is being able to play these songs live. It's been too long, and if you come to any shows on this tour you can expect an energy in the room to be unlike any of a previous Framing Hanley show. We're ready...are you?’ A collection of modern alternative rock infused with undeniable pop hooks, heartfelt lyrics and huge choruses, The Sum Of Who We Are is the band’s third album, and their boldest artistic statement to date. ‘Every band says they feel like they’re getting better with age’ states frontman Nixon. ‘So while I feel that is a trite statement, I can’t deny it. We’ve never written as much material for an album as we did for this one. We had to cut so many songs we felt were strong. We also recorded songs for the album we felt weren’t quite there yet, only to go back to the drawing board and get it right’. First single Criminal is a full on anthem, cleverly illustrating the trappings of circumstance in an exhausted relationship. Other songs like Twisted Halos, Crooked Smiles, Rollercoaster, and Crash & Burn have an honesty and underlying theme of finding beauty in the tragedy of loss, finding light in the total darkness and finding hope when there is nothing left. Over 14's welcome. PLEASE NOTE CHANGE OF VENUE FROM BERMUDA TRIANGLE. ORIGINAL TICKETS VALID.


    Brighton Dome, 7pm, £20 adv

    Saturday, November 8th, 2014

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    EXTRA DATE ADDED TO MEET PHENOMENAL DEMAND. By the start of last year, Mike Rosenberg knew his life was about to change. To what extent, he had no idea, which was probably just as well. Had someone told the Brighton-born singer/songwriter, familiar to millions as Passenger that he would top the charts in 20 countries during 2013, he might have gone out of his mind. That his bewitching, break-up ballad Let Her Go took its time to win over the world – it became a hit in mainland Europe in the autumn of 2012 and reached the Top 5 of the Billboard chart in February 2014 – allowed Passenger to process his success, get used to the size of crowds coming to see him and, crucially, continue to write and record heartbreakingly beautiful music. Whispers is Passenger’s sixth studio album. Its oldest songs date back to before the mayhem began. Although he didn’t know it when he wrote it, the title track captures the chaos in his head when Let Her Go started to snowball. Even the songs most recently written have evolved by being played live dozens of times, at shows and on streets everywhere from Amsterdam to Australia.


    Brighton Dome, 7pm, £20 adv

    Sunday, November 9th, 2014

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    By the start of last year, Mike Rosenberg knew his life was about to change. To what extent, he had no idea, which was probably just as well. Had someone told the Brighton-born singer/songwriter, familiar to millions as Passenger that he would top the charts in 20 countries during 2013, he might have gone out of his mind. That his bewitching, break-up ballad Let Her Go took its time to win over the world – it became a hit in mainland Europe in the autumn of 2012 and reached the Top 5 of the Billboard chart in February 2014 – allowed Passenger to process his success, get used to the size of crowds coming to see him and, crucially, continue to write and record heartbreakingly beautiful music. Whispers is Passenger’s sixth studio album. Its oldest songs date back to before the mayhem began. Although he didn’t know it when he wrote it, the title track captures the chaos in his head when Let Her Go started to snowball. Even the songs most recently written have evolved by being played live dozens of times, at shows and on streets everywhere from Amsterdam to Australia.


    Concorde 2, 7pm, £17.50 adv

    Monday, November 10th, 2014

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    Hot on the heels of the release of their critically lauded third album ‘Himalayan’, Band Of Skulls today announce their largest UK tour to date, including a headline show at the Eventim Apollo in London. Having cut their teeth touring the world with the likes of Queens Of The Stone Age, The Black Keys, The Dead Weather and Muse, the band are building a reputation as one of the most exciting live acts currently in the UK today. That burgeoning reputation is set to be further cemented as they play Glastonbury and the main stage at Sonisphere. Current album ‘Himalayan’ (out now on Ignition Records) sees the rock heavyweights perfecting their craft and delivering a future classic of epic proportions. Encompassing their trademark mountainous riffs, soaring vocals and thunderous drums, Himalayan truly is an album that lives up to its title. Produced by Nick Launay (Yeah Yeah Yeah’s, Arcade Fire, Grinderman), Band Of Skulls latest album sees them cementing their place at rock’s top table. Over 14's only. In association with Kilimanjaro. Support from Bo Ningen.


    Concorde 2, 7:30pm, £14 adv

    Tuesday, November 11th, 2014

    More information

    Support from Heart Of A Coward and Idiom.

  • PHOX

    The Green Door Store, 7.30pm, £8 adv

    Friday, November 14th, 2014

    More information

    Hailing from Baraboo, WI, the six best friends who make up PHOX happen to be blessed with madness, illusions of grandeur, and the inability to do the same thing twice. They also play music. Describing themselves as every variation of “indie pop” under the sun, PHOX represents the result of six creative individuals coming together to fulfill a musical niche. Fueled by lead singer Monica Martin’s rich voice, the band’s sound reflects their nature as an ensemble: pulling in different directions, emulating varying emotions, but coming together for one refined result. It’s music that manages to hit both ends of the spectrum skillfully: quirky yet graceful, poppy yet expertly- crafted, catchy yet grand and elaborate, and overall just plain contagious. With two EPs, slots at major festivals (iTunes Festival in London, Lollapalooza), and a national tour under their belt, PHOX are currently in the studio working on a full-length release, out early summer 2014. Over 18's only.


    Brighton Dome Studio Theatre, 7.30pm, £22.50 adv

    Saturday, November 15th, 2014

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    Starting out as the band behind Ian Dury, the Blockheads are a legendary outfit that has grown in stature from the early days of the Stiff tour in 1977, right up to the present day. Backing up Ian Dury’s poetic lyrics, this is the band that brought you ‘Hit Me with your Rhythm Stick’, ‘What A Waste’, ‘Reasons to be Cheerful (Part 3)’, and ‘Sex & Drugs & Rock & Roll’, among many others. Rarely off the road since the demise of Ian Dury in 2000, but now with Derek Hussey fronting the band, the Blockheads are still one of the most underrated British bands of all time, with a legion of fans of all ages. Their new album, ‘Same Horse Different Jockey’, was released on 23rd November 2013, which was also the 35th anniversary of the release of ‘Hit Me with your Rhythm Stick’, and continues to show both their diversity and supreme quality, as well as showcasing their uniqueness. Under 14's to be accompanied by an adult.


    Coalition, 7pm, £8 adv

    Friday, November 28th, 2014

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    Mighty Oaks: three young men, from three countries, combining three part harmonies, resulting in one unique sound. The Berlin based indie-folk band comprised of Ian Hooper (US), Claudio Donzelli (Italy), and Craig Saunders (UK) writes honest, authentic and emotionally driven songs acoustic guitars and mandolins at the centre of their sound, layers of electric guitars creating space and depth, rounded off through solid bass lines and the heartbeat of a simple drum. The music sets the perfect scene for the lyrics, which often draw their inspiration from the Pacific Northwest, the birthplace of Hooper. Set amidst these wonderful landscapes come tales of love, loss and the beauty of all that surrounds. In 2010 the band released a self-produced self-titled EP, recorded in Donzelli's apartment, which has since gone on to earn them over 63,000 fans and 370,000 plays on SoundCloud. In the middle of 2012 they shifted their focus fully to the band, and spent the summer recording their first studio production. In a short space of time they've gathered support from both fans and the music industry alike. They've shared the stage with Dry The River, First Aid Kid, toured with Shout Out Louds in Europe, hit the road with Chvrches as part of the INTRODUCING! Tour in Germany, and opened for Kings of Leon at the Waldbahne in Berlin. Their debut studio EP "Just One Day" was released on July 5th. Over 14's only. In association with Festival Republic.